Biden Admin Did Not Thoroughly Vet Afghan Refugees

Last year, Joe Biden set a series of crises into motion when he removed US troops from Afghanistan. What really made a mess was Biden removing the military before US citizens and allies were out of the nation.

This not only paved the way for the Taliban to make a comeback, but Biden’s withdrawal also led to 13 American troops losing their lives. His means of withdrawal furthermore caused the United States to ultimately lose the war on terror, putting Afghanistan essentially back to square one.

After the Taliban’s return to power, many Afghans were displaced and therefore sought refuge here in America. However, when the Biden administration agreed to let Afghan refugees into the United States, the government did not appropriately vet them.

Now, more problems have come up as a result of this negligence.

Shocking Whistleblower Reports
A letter from GOP lawmakers cites a whistleblower accusing the Biden administration of allowing potential (and even verified) terrorist threats on watchlists into America during the summer of 2021.

This whistleblower furthermore accuses the Department of Defense of concealing the true extent to which the White House allowed this to happen.

More than 300 Afghans who were let into the United States also were on the Defense Department’s Biometrically Enabled Watchlist that warns of these threats.

Earlier this week, during a congressional hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray was questioned about the claims of this whistleblower.

According to Wray, the FBI is working on investigating certain individuals. However, he didn’t confirm the accusations that currently accuse the White House of negligently allowing terrorist threats into the country.

When Wray was later asked if the FBI can specifically locate dangerous individuals, the director claimed the agency has “a lot of information” regarding their locations. Although he held off on going into further details before Congress.

Because Afghan refugees were welcomed in many communities throughout the country last year, Biden’s lack of screening could potentially have put countless Americans in danger.

Little Coverage From the Mainstream Media
News of Biden letting individuals on terrorist watchlists into the United States isn’t being plastered across major news outlets. However, this doesn’t make the situation any less real.

As geopolitical tensions are at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever for the federal government to screen who is coming into the country.

Between the lack of vetting last year and the southern border that still remains open, there’s no telling what America could face in the months and years to come.