Ben Shapiro Rules Out A Student Who Keep Making Fun Of His Height

Ben Shapiro is famous for destroying his competition in debates and question-and-answer portions of his speeches. Unlike others who don’t encourage discussions of opposing opinions, Shapiro, along with many other Republican speakers, enjoys the debate, and it opens our eyes to on-the-spot debate.

Shapiro isn’t new at this. He’s been at it for years. Many people, primarily college students, feel that they can school him, but it rarely goes their way.

While at Florida State University, Shapiro is encountered by a man who made fun of him for his height. The student said, “Um, how come you claim to be 5’9’’ when you are like 5’5’’?”

Shapiro then invited the student onto the stage for a few reasons. One, it’s important at those types of debates to make sure people know you aren’t afraid, which could be a negative thing if others feel so entitled to jump on the stage, but also it allows the students to engage further in the discussion at times. This time, Shapiro proved that he was the same size as the student who challenged him.

Though this wasn’t a political debate, it showed Shapiro’s strength. It showed that the student was only there to repeat some ridiculous thing he’s probably heard Steven Crowder say about Shapiro giving him a hard time.

Shapiro said after, “I’ve been waiting for this for years.”

The crowd went crazy, and the student shook Shapiro’s hand and was a good sport about it.

It also showed that the student didn’t have anything of value to add to the conversation or debate. He asked about Shapiro’s height.

Shapiro later tweeted, “Funniest part of a great evening at FSU @Seminoles.”

That seemed to break any tension in the room and provided an excellent show for the crowd. Not everything has to be so severe, and not everything has to be about politics. Sometimes it’s essential to laugh at more serious events.