Ben Carson Argues Biden Needs to Be Transparent About His Health

Ben Carson, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump administration, is calling on President Joe Biden to be more transparent about his health.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Friday, Carson pointed out a fact that most Americans know, whether they want to admit it or not — Biden is not doing well, physically or mentally.

“Certainly, he doesn’t appear to be a picture of health,” the retired neurosurgeon said when asked about the president’s health and fitness ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“Maybe what we should be thinking about as a nation is some type of transparency in terms of a person’s health,” Carson continued. “At least the annual exam — people should be made aware of what the results of that examination are.”

“We’re talking about the leader of the free world,” he added. “And if that person is compromised in any way, it would impact everyone else.”

Carson served as HUD secretary under former President Donald Trump, who was the subject of confusing reports regarding his battle with COVID in October of 2020.

While doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center — where Trump had been taken after testing positive for the coronavirus — said at the time that he was doing “extremely well” and had been fever-free for 24 hours, and the president said he felt like he was well enough to leave the hospital, one of his allies gave a conflicting update. Then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows claimed that doctors were “very concerned” with the president’s health.

Trump ultimately recovered well from the virus without being vaccinated, as no vaccine was available at the time. Biden, on the other hand, has been “fully vaccinated and has received two Covid booster shots” according to CNBC, yet he still caught COVID.

Carson went on to address Biden’s battle with COVID, pointing out the fact that the president’s age and underlying health problems put him in a high-risk category.

“Well, certainly glad that he’s doing better and recuperating from this, but the fact that this is an elderly man, who has underlying problems, in the highest risk category and he’s still able to work from the Oval Office, should tell us that maybe this thing has died away,” he said.

The retired neurosurgeon was then asked if the monkeypox outbreak was being used for political purposes as the midterm elections approach. Many people have argued that the Democrats’ successful use of the COVID pandemic to implement widespread mail-in voting and other measures will lead to the exploitation of other crises in the future, asserting that monkeypox will likely be one of those scenarios.

“Well, certainly seeing how politics and medicine have been mixed before, there’s no reason to expect that it wouldn’t be used… you know several people have predicted that before the midterm elections, there would be some kind of health emergency declared,” Carson said.