Barge Collides With Bridge

An accident in China killed five people after a barge struck a bridge in the country’s south. The deadly accident occurred following concerns about the state of China’s infrastructure and a number of other deadly incidents.

A barge struck the bridge near the city of Guangzhou, formerly Canton. The accident caused a number of vehicles to fall into the water. According to authorities, following the incident around 5:30 a.m. three small trucks, a minibus and a scooter all fell into the water. The barge initially struck a bridge support before hitting another pillar, causing the larger collapse.

Footage of the incident showed the barge under the bridge, flanked by law enforcement vessels.

Law enforcement said that the ship’s owner has been detained and Chinese officials blamed the incident on “improper operation by the crew.”

The occupants of the vehicles died following the crash. Two others are being treated for injuries related to the incident, while a sailor on the ship received minor injuries.

The incident that felled part of the Lixinsha Bridge had a further impact on the wider region. Southern China has been one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world. The collapse left an island of about 8,000 people without road and water access. Authorities have set up emergency water and ferry lines for the residents.

The effort to handle the ongoing situation has included more than 100 first responders. Chinese officials also brought in at least six divers and 15 boats during the ongoing effort.

The incident also followed efforts to strengthen the bridge following concerns about its integrity. The ongoing efforts were supposed to be completed later this year, according to Chinese officials.

The Lixinsha Bridge incident followed another bridge collapse in China last year.

A flash flood caused the collapse of a highway bridge in the country’s north last August. A bridge over the Mayi river collapsed, although the bridge was closed at the time. However, the flooding caused several casualties, including a rescuer who fell into the water. The country was deluged by the aftermath of Typhoon Doksuri.