Banish Democrats From Office Until They Elect Some Non-Commie Adults

The Democrat party today isn’t the Democrat party that once was. We’re thankful that they aren’t as affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, but what they’re pushing isn’t any better.

Everyone knows that Critical Race Theory is the opposite of what the KKK pushes. Its theology claims that every White American is racist, and so is the government. But, as institutionalized as Democrats are and as much as they push for government intervention in our lives, why would the Democrats make such racist institutions on all Americans? Doesn’t that sound like a bad idea?

Clouded by “free stuff,” Democrats are perfectly fine with the government takeover of our lives, but nobody understands the cost of these measures. Americans don’t want to go into more debt, they don’t want the government to pay for everything for us, and they don’t want the government to tell us what to do.

With the push for the Covid-19 vaccine, the government has shown its cards and its true intentions. Segregation. Not only in schools where colleges and even primary schools are pushing for Black Only sections of the school but in all aspects of life with “vaccinated only” sections and “vaccine passports.”

President Joe Biden has pushed our country to the forefront of destruction. Allies don’t want to work with us anymore, inflation is rising, gas prices are skyrocketing, and canned food is up 40% at the grocery store.

The Democrats showed a sure sign of crazy when they pushed Biden to the beginning of his career. At the same time, he lied about his college education and did nothing but pass legislation that incarcerated more Black Americans than anyone before him. After that, the Clintons entered the arena. The “feminist” and “believe all women” Hillary Clinton sure did shine while she targeted every one of Bill Clinton’s accusers and made sure they shut their mouths. It was before social media when it was much more acceptable to persecute anyone you disagreed with. Just look at her face in the 2016 election debates when former President Donald Trump brought all of Bill Clinton’s accusers and told Hilary they were in the crowd. She shut up quickly. Hilary went on to lose.

Former President Barack Obama didn’t contribute much unless causing a storm of racial tensions to unfold. Black Lives Matter formed while Obama was in office, and their popularity has risen ever since. Everyone who didn’t vote for Obama was deemed a racist regardless of which party you belonged to, and healthcare prices skyrocketed. Obamacare has proven to be worse than expected, and it costs money to be uninsured. Who would have imagined?

Trump was a glaring example of what a patriotic American should look like. Trump handled his business and did more for Black Americans and the LGBTQ+ community than any president before him. The First Step Act and Trump wanting to meet with Ice Cube to make Black Americans lives better were some of the most critical steps a president has taken in a long time.

Democrats have their hands around every minority’s neck. They hold immigration and social issues hostage and blame Republicans when things don’t work out. Have they thought that their policies aren’t that good? Maybe they should go back to the drawing board and build their foundation before playing with the big kids on the playground. Their customer base is radical, and their products are starting to meet that demand.

America has become the last priority in all ways of life, especially for President Joe Biden. Biden has shut down an oil pipeline in America while Russia gets to have theirs and gives $85 billion in military equipment to the Taliban in Afghanistan. What an incredible legacy he holds.

The Democrat party will go down in history as the single worst thing for the endurance of America. Their values don’t match the values of average Americans, and their policies follow. Americans don’t recognize the country they live in and have started to wake up to the idea that if things don’t turn around, it’s going to get worse.