Associated Press Throws Black Lives Matter a Lifeline

The working relationship between the corporate media and radical left-wing political operations was further revealed last week by the Associated Press’s latest coverage of the financial difficulties facing Black Lives Matter (BLM). Arjun Singh wrote an editorial for National Review discussing the lifelong AP threw out to the tarnished public image BLM has created.

The latest story centered on a lengthy IRS financial filing made by BLM required because of its claim for favorable treatment as a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The filings came in 990 forms that become public records when submitted. Unlike most tax records, some nonprofit filings are deemed to be public documents so that the work of nonprofits can be examined by everyone.

Given the speculation and unusual reporting that has surrounded BLM’s finances lately, public watchdog organizations had been anticipating the 990 filings in order to get a better idea of the group’s activities.

However, BLM decided to leak the 990 filings to the Associated Press before filing them with the IRS. This gave the AP exclusive access to the information before any other media outlet or public interest group could see it. That gave the AP time to write a narrative that would minimize public scrutiny and maximize the positive activities of BLM that it could identify.

As is standard practice with AP reporting, many other local and national outlets picked up the story as written in order to run coverage as quickly as possible.

By creating the opportunity for the leak to the AP, BLM was able to set up favorable coverage of its financial condition and actions. Even though the widely reported story was based on a factual account of the 990 forms, it was tilted in a way that was as helpful as possible to BLM.

The AP reporting took care to commend BLM for its “scrappiness” and also emphasized a narrative that “black charities” are penalized when entering into the “white philanthropic landscape.”

BLM has also been able to share the coverage written by AP on its website. It encourages readers who come to the page to use the AP reporting to fight “misinformation” about the charity’s financial activities. As a result, AP got the benefit of exclusive coverage while BLM got the softest landing possible regarding its long-awaited tax filings.