As You Can See In The Videos Joe, It’s Just Like Saigon

President Joe Biden can blame everything on former President Donald Trump if he would like, but today his press conference told an apparent story. There was no exit strategy, and everything failed in Afghanistan.

Winston Churchill once said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” At no point has Biden taken responsibility for the things he’s done. Biden bragged to the American people about the Afghanistan military being well equipped, trained, and capable of defending itself, but what we’ve watched is the Taliban destroy the Afghanistan military to the point that they essentially gave up.

Biden wouldn’t even take press questions during a press conference on August 16th about the U.S. military exit from Afghanistan. The only thing Biden said was that the U.S. military is trying to set up evacuation points for the Afghanistan citizens who helped the U.S. military to leave. The Afghanistan President isn’t even in the country anymore because he fled. His name deserves no mention.

After assuring the world that the war wasn’t for nothing, it became clear that it was for nothing. During the war, there was no gain other than arming the Taliban with billions of dollars of military equipment.

Tommy Tuberville, Alabama Senator, said on Twitter, “It’s always someone else’s fault. Always. 45+ years in D.C. sure hasn’t taught @POTUS how to lead.”

Leadership takes no skill. It takes integrity, honesty, and the willingness and ability to guide others on a path that you see morally and ethically correct. Biden has shown himself to be a follower. A follower of anyone in the Democrat party who will give him advice on what will make him more acceptable to the American people and give him more political influence. America didn’t want the president we got. What it did get was a weak idiot that likes to blame others for problems he created.

Biden voted for the invasion of Iraq. He showed his weakness as Vice President during the Obama presidency and has shown his weakness as president.

Even CNN isn’t covering for Biden on this one. A CNN news anchor said, “The president said that the buck stopped with him, but the speech was full of finger-pointing and blamed especially for the Afghans even saying that while the U.S. would be working to rescue those Americans and U.S. allies that needed to be saved, he claimed part of the reason the U.S. did not save sooner, the Afghan allies, the translators, and others who worked with the Afghan military, for fear of being slaughtered by the Taliban, they didn’t act sooner the president said because some Afghans did not want to leave earlier because they were hopeful of a new Afghan government.”

Yes, it seems they chose the hope of a better future, but it’s frustrating to watch Biden blame everyone but himself. Biden could alter the plan to leave Afghanistan and conduct it more efficiently, but he didn’t. He chose the path and had to be held accountable for his actions, no more running from your failures. Take responsibility and move forward, hopefully, with impeachment.