As Multiple Crises Spin Out Of Control, Biden Goes On Vacation

Does anybody miss Donald Trump yet? The former president took no s*** and answered questions from the press. He wasn’t afraid of our enemies and did everything he could to make peace with all of them. The worldwide entrepreneur and former president knew how to handle business with other countries. Trump was the first president to visit North Korea and strike peace treaties with the Middle East.

The current president, Joe Biden, knows nothing about politics and is weak in foreign policy. Biden is controlled by our borders, much less outside of them, and can’t speak clearly. The man has dementia and needs help. Or, maybe he needs a vacation.
Speaking of vacations, Biden seems to go on those quite a bit.

The country is a disaster, and Afghanistan is falling. Troops were evacuated from an American Embassy, or at least in the words of the Pentagon, and 3,000 more troops are on the way to help with the situation. After making remarks on Kubal, Afghanistan, President Joe Biden went on vacation.

While the border crisis is raging and inflation is rising, Biden wants to stay at Camp David in Wilmington, Delaware, where he goes quite often. Maybe he’s opened up an art gallery in the town for his son, Hunter Biden, so that he can sell overpriced paintings.

Honestly, Biden probably goes to Camp David for medical treatments for dementia. I mean, it makes sense. Biden goes to Camp David more than any other President and would be an excellent location for medical treatment outside of the public’s eye. And we all know he needs it. He can’t seem to get his head right, not to mention he can’t keep numbers straight. Maybe the “350 million” vaccinated citizens didn’t hear him misquote the population size.

Interpreters and military allies in Afghanistan are in serious trouble. They need help immediately, and the Afghanistan people can’t afford for Biden to go on vacation and leave them without the most prominent form of United States leadership.

Threatening the Taliban with retaliation for their actions would be the best hope for Afghanistan. If Biden can’t stand up to terrorism, then he needs to leave office. His time is done. It’s over.