As Crisis Brews At Border, Biden Yelled At By Reporters As He’s Seen Rushing Into White House

Ignoring reporters isn’t new for President Joe Biden, but reporters’ backlash is beginning to grow. Reporters have tough questions for Biden and his administration, and his denial of questions leads to concerns from Americans that answers will be given. Biden didn’t even take questions after meeting with the United Kingdom Prime Minister. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Obviously, with Biden’s cognitive decline raging forward, his staff doesn’t want him to say anything unscripted, but it seems to have gotten worse after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. At the September 11th 20-year memorial, Biden didn’t even give a speech and decided to send out a video of himself speaking that was edited together.

Biden waved like a child at reporters rather than take questions as he returned to the White House from his vacation in Delaware. The president refuses to do his due diligence and keep the people informed because he doesn’t feel like he has to. His authoritative style of leadership has gotten out of control, and even Democrats are noticing. Two Democrats are going against the infrastructure bill, and more will probably follow as Democrat leadership is going out of style. Toward the end of 2020, Republicans were old news, and Democrats took the stage, but after nine months of Biden, Americans are changing their tone.

Biden shuffled into the White House like he didn’t even notice the reporters were there screaming at him. His mask covered his disgraced look, and his aviators don’t have the same appeal when his weakness shows.

The difference between Biden and former President Trump isn’t any more obvious. Trump had taken questions for hours before when he didn’t have to and gave answers to Americans about what they needed to know. Trump even took questions from people he disliked and told them he didn’t like them but took their questions anyway to keep people informed.

The unification of citizens is desperately needed. You have to rely on independent media sources to get factual information as an American because mainstream media will lead you on a rabbit trail, and Biden won’t ask any questions. It isn’t delightful, and it doesn’t seem to end. What is Biden hiding, and what doesn’t he want you to know? As Americans, we deserve answers to essential questions and issues like what’s happening on the southern border.

No answers in sight.