Apple And Mainstream Media Potentially Cover For CCP

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is justifiably critical of Apple and American news outlets once again. Carlson called the conglomerates out on Tuesday, saying he suspects foul play and “covering” for the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into major cities Monday night to get relentless weekend protesters off the street. Still, as Carlson said on his show, “virtually no American media outlets acknowledged it.”

Protests in China exploded after a deadly fire in a high-rise building that killed residents and visitors. Locked doors and “zero-Covid” policies trapped people inside the burning building, causing their deaths. Chinese citizens were already brewing with rage before the fire as they grew tired of the CCP’s strict Covid regulations.

After weekend-long protests, the Chinese president had enough, sent tanks to clear the streets, and vans and police hit protestors. Yet none of this appeared in mainstream media.

Carlson asked, “Could it be the American news media is covering for the government of China? Can’t say. We’ll let you make the call on that.”

To his point, news media would be swarming with stories on massive protests if it were any other country. But China is our main rival with the biggest economy in the world, and when President Joe Biden is afraid to ruffle the CCP’s feathers, the American media follows his lead. There has also been suspicion forever that if Biden isn’t scared of China, endorsements and finances are coming to the Biden family from China. The media may be covering for China too.

Carlson turned his attention to Apple and its relationship with China too. “We can say that Apple is covering for the government of China. Apple is the most valuable company in the world. It’s got a current market cap of trillions of dollars,” he said on the Fox show. Honestly, when looking at all the information surrounding Twitter, Apple and China, Carlson’s point makes much sense.

Elon Musk has been claiming for about a week now that Apple has threatened to boot Twitter from the App Store with no rhyme or reason. It may be that Apple’s relationship with the CCP is influencing this decision as the Chinese government censors information to the extreme, and Musk has been working hard to turn the platform back to its former free speech glory. Apple’s most prominent manufacturing plant is in China, and it has seen protests and significant backlash fought back by Apple’s compliance with the CCP. Carlson said, “when tanks roll into a Chinese city, Apple is rooting for the tanks.”