AOC ‘Pushes’ Government-Run Labor, But How’s Her Clothing Line Doing?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. It shows with her policy suggestions and her inability to understand that economic and climate socialism will destroy the United States. The Green New Deal will push the US into a third-world country where energy is scarce.

AOC told Yahoo Finance Andrew Serwer, “What we’re talking about when we talk about capitalism at its foundation, to me, is the absolute pursuit of profit at any human, environmental, or social cost.”

Just because AOC sees capitalism that way doesn’t make it accurate.

AOC has to understand that the federal regulations placed on businesses across the US hinder their progression forward. It’s much cheaper to outsource production and other material sources than to be made in the US, so companies will do that instead of keeping it in the country.

She also said, “They have authority over our labor. They can control enormous markets and grab governments.”

Is she crazy? Government-controlled production is what captures workers. There are no labor rights when the government controls everything and everybody. That would be a wasteland of economics that the US would never recover from.

The idea that business people control anybody or any government isn’t accurate. Monopolies are another story, and it’s illegal. The government steps in if monopolies are created, separating companies when necessary.

AOC continued, “And they can effectively wield authority over a large number of people. And, in my opinion, that is not a redeemable system in which we can engage for the vast majority of people’s prosperity and peace.”

AOC’s clothing line seems to be doing great, by the way. She invested $1.4 million into her apparel line, where she sells $58 sweatshirts that say “Tax the Rich.” Yeah, AOC doesn’t know anything about capitalism. Is anyone getting the irony here?

The best thing that the US government could do is back off of regulation, lower taxes, and allow the opportunity to prosper. There’s no ceiling to entrepreneurship. No government regulation will stop people from shopping at big box stores unless they give smaller businesses the opportunity and ability to succeed.

AOC also enjoyed the Met Gala, where she was given a ticket that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and she wore a dress that said “Tax the Rich.” Was she talking about the very same people she was hanging around or herself? Both would be taxed more if the government taxed the rich more.