AOC May Be ‘Calling’ For Violence In An ‘Indirect Threat’ Toward Kyrsten Sinema

It’s one thing to speak badly about other political figures, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took things a bit further than most other politicians would.

AOC said she wants life to be “as difficult as possible” for politicians who don’t bow down to the Democratic party’s wishes like Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). That goes well beyond calling someone a name or putting out a negative tweet. That’s a call for others to interfere with a lawmaker’s life so that they will comply. Then again, can you expect anything different from AOC?

Sinema complained to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and said, “Could we have some discipline in the votes, ever?” Sinema spoke of the slow voting process and said, “You’re in charge!”

Thank God that people like Sinema and Manchin are willing to stand up against legislation they don’t believe in. They are the definition of checks and balances. If it weren’t for them, Democrats could do almost anything they wanted to and leave behind many Americans who disagree with their policy.

AOC tweeted:

By that standard, AOC is correct. The socialist representative has made freedom, capitalism, and life more complicated for everyone and should be stopped. The only difference is that it’s in a different context. The meaning is the same.

AOC has pushed for socialist agendas such as the Green New Deal, making life impossible and raising prices on virtually every product we use daily.

She added in another tweet, “They may get apoplectic, but it’s nothing compared to the people they’re forcing to sleep without heat in winter or losing the right to vote.”

AOC couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody has a hard time voting. First and foremost, let’s get it out of the way. To throw in the Green New Deal again, the infrastructural cost of setting up unreliable green energy initiatives would cause everyone to sleep with no heat in the winter. It’s not a secure option because it’s not reliable. Solar and wind can’t keep up with the US’ demand on energy consumption, leaving them useless in the fight against climate change. It would take the US back to the stone age, but AOC would blame everything but her bill for the destruction and lives.

Now that it’s Black History Month, get ready for more racial slams that don’t make sense coming from AOC’s mouth and Twitter feed.