AOC Gets BLASTED By Top Dem Then Becomes UNGLUED On Twitter

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin may be the only reasonable Democrat left. He’s pushing back against his party and their insidious desire to control all means of production, raise taxes, inflate the economy, and send America down a path it’s never seen before.

Manchin is going against the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill proposed that would tax Americans for every mile they drive, force vehicle manufacturers to put breathalyzer devices that test blood alcohol levels into every new production vehicle within three years, and give legal citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants. It is all with the taxpayer’s money. So basically, you’re going to make the taxpayers pay to have more taxes and more restrictions?

For the government to force vehicle manufacturers to put breathalyzer devices on every vehicle is unconstitutional. To determine the amount of alcohol someone has in their system, you have to get their “blood alcohol content,” which requires consent or a search warrant. Every court that has held a driving while an impaired case has determined that to be the case.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then blamed Manchin for not supporting the bill and called him a moderate. She also claimed that Manchin attends weekly meetings with Exxon and gives his pen to any lobbyist to push through legislation. Manchin told CNN that under no circumstance is that true and that he doesn’t even know the “young lady.”

AOC fired back and said they usually come back with the “young lady” comment when she gets under people’s skin. However, that’s what AOC is, a young lady. She also needs to act like it and stay in her lane. AOC seems to only be in her position to advance socialistic views but hasn’t done anything important since taking office, other than complaining on Twitter.

AOC’s comments don’t hold any weight after she blatantly lied about the January 6th riots and how she was “almost sexually assaulted.” That’s an absolute lie, and anybody with half a brain would know it. For her to even say, that is showing her inflated ego.
With Manchin in the way, the infrastructure bill can’t pass. There’s not a majority vote without him if he can convince other Democrats to stop the bill. That would be the best move Democrats have made in the last several years.

Manchin has a history in “coal country,” and AOC doesn’t like that. It’s funny that she doesn’t, though, because coal still powers the majority of electricity. AOC’s Tesla wouldn’t run if it weren’t for coal. She should know that, and she does. There’s a reason AOC hasn’t been effective in her political career. She doesn’t believe in the things she claims she does. She’s a fraud that gets elected on the votes of her radical base, which she preaches to because she knows they’ll continue to vote for her if they feel like she’s going to make a difference.