AOC Caught In Massive Lie Over Her Defund The Police Movement

“Tax the Rich” has turned into “Protect the Rich” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new hypocrisy. Let’s be honest, though. There’s new hypocrisy with AOC every couple of days.  

The Capitol Police protect politicians while they’re in Washington, D.C., and why shouldn’t they? For that very reason, they’re in the position, and politicians have threats on their lives every day. AOC using Capitol police isn’t alarming, other than her calling to defund police in your life, not hers. She’s used the Capitol Police for everything you can think of, and they even “rescued” her during the January 6th Capitol Riots. It turned out she didn’t need to be saved, but they were there anyway.  

This type of attitude toward police after you’ve been helped by them so many times isn’t typical. What it shows you is that she doesn’t take herself seriously. The Democrat party uses her for their radical side because they know they can tell her to suggest something so outrageous that the Republicans will meet the Democrats on the Democrat side of negotiations because it seems much more reasonable. It’s not a terrible tactic, but it’s dangerous to go along with it.  

At an eviction moratorium press conference, AOC left in an SUV with Capitol Police officers. What’s funny is that at the press conference, she called to defund the police. If AOC successfully defends the police narrative, then maybe she can leave the press conference in a Honda Civic with mall security rather than a brand-new outfitted Chevrolet Suburban. That might serve her narrative a little better and show her what it’s like not to have protection.  

Honestly, if AOC just shut her mouth, she wouldn’t have to deal with this nearly as much. It’s dangerous to push for her agendas, and Americans deserve better from their representatives.  

Now to the eviction moratorium. AOC knows that it’s illegal that President Joe Biden pushed the CDC to continue the eviction moratorium, but she supports it anyway. When Democrats hold all the power, this is what Americans get. They get illegal mandates and an over-use of executive orders because Biden’s administration doesn’t believe in the rule of law. What Biden’s administration wants is total control over the country, and AOC wants it as well.  

If you ask people across the nation in crime-ridden places if they want more or less police, you will undoubtedly get more people who want more police than people who want less. Solid and safe communities tend to be more productive members of society because they can push forward with their jobs and families without worrying about stray bullets coming through their windows. The unfortunate reality is that the defunding of the police movement has made Americans unsafe. Look at shootings in Chicago, Illinois. More children have been shot this year than have died from Covid-19. It’s sickening.