AOC Breaks From Socialism After Met, Immediately Begins Selling Expensive “Tax The Rich” Merch

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps getting weirder. AOC’s stunt at the Met Gala and her socialist views are contorted by her incautious desire to be a capitalist entrepreneur.

AOC’s merch line is still active, although it’s not new. AOC has been selling her merch for insane prices, including a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt for $58. The wholesale price of the sweatshirt is just under $30 and made by Bayside, an American apparel company. The sweatshirt’s profit margin is around $29, but buying in bulk always gives you a lower upfront price, so you could expect the profit margin to be higher.

Shouldn’t AOC be using her socialist political structure to be the example for socialism? Lead by example. She should be putting almost all of her profit back into the government through taxes or giving it away to the political elites because that’s how socialism works. Her employees should be getting paid very little while AOC gives them welfare incentives to keep them in a position of dependence.

Instead, she pays people for elementary school-type designs and places them on shirts. According to his website, the “Tax the Rich” shirt was designed by Jordan Rosenberg, who’s done much better work.

Hats off to AOC for at least using American-made clothing. American-made clothing makes up around 5% of the apparel made worldwide, and while some conservative, patriotic clothing brands use apparel from overseas, AOC is using American-made products. The business structure is respectable even if the political views aren’t. It’s important to shop local, buy local, and support the American economy and not just preach about it as some others do. For that, AOC is doing it right. Also, American-made clothing can be twice the price of other brands made in Guatemala and other South American companies, but that doesn’t excuse the outrageous price of the sweatshirt that AOC pushes on her website. The extra cost is because of her name and political recognition and doesn’t reflect the manufacturing cost or the cost to print the sweatshirt.

Her shirts with the same print, “Tax the Rich” print, are priced at $27. That’s not too far off from the regular price of t-shirts.

Another artist who has used similar writing as AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress tagged her on Instagram, saying that she would love to work with her at some point and that it’s very similar to her street art writing. The artist is The Velvet Bandit, and she was referring to a street art piece that had a man with a face mask that said “Tax the Rich.” The idea may have come from Jordan Rosenberg, but the dress resembles AOC’s dress.