AOC Blasts Brett Kavanaugh And It Goes South When Tara Reade Joins In

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back, and she’s never really going to leave, honestly. AOC doesn’t want to see abortion go away because who cares about kids.

AOC says that Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t influence Roe V. Wade because of previous sexual assault allegations. She tweeted:

First of all, the FBI has been focusing on parents at school board meetings rather than investigating Democrats. Democrats sent a letter to the FBI saying that they didn’t follow up on 4,500 tips that were credible and should have been investigated further. The FBI hasn’t investigated Hunter Biden’s laptop, President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s joint bank account, their involvement in the January 6th Capitol Riot, and many other vital issues. Do you mean to say that the FBI let a conservative Supreme Court Justice slip through the cracks? Come on. That sounds ridiculous. That isn’t their style.

Christine Blasey Ford wasn’t a credible accuser. Her story didn’t match up, she couldn’t give accurate details, and she wasn’t found to be reasonable.

Regardless of the accusations, Democrats keep arguing that men can’t have an opinion on abortion. It’s her body, her choice. Wrong. A fetus isn’t a woman’s body.

Swarthmore reported, “Some scientists will say it’s at implantation, where you get pregnancy. Other scientists will say it’s a day 14, gastrulation, where the embryo becomes an individual, where you can no longer form twins and triplets, so that you have one embryo giving rise to, at best, only one adult.”

Then, you hear the viability argument, but they discount mentally disabled individuals. If you think killing a baby depends on someone else to survive, you have to be okay with the mass genocide of mentally disabled individuals.

Then, Tara Reade chimed in and tweeted:

Mic drop!