AOC Acts ‘Like A Child’ And Candace Owens Confirms That ‘She’s Not Attracted To Her’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a child. When she was caught in Florida not wearing a mask which goes against her suggestions for the rest of America.

AOC said, “I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc.”

AOC’s district has a mandate in place that says, “Everyone, vaccinated or not, should wear a mask whenever they are in a public indoor setting or crowded outdoor setting.”

If AOC believed that the mask mandate was valid, she would have put a mask on in Florida because of the rapidly rising COVID-19 Omicron variant, but she doesn’t believe in her own rules.

When AOC was called out for her ridiculous actions, she showed that she’s genuinely a child trapped in a grown woman’s body by suggesting that Republicans are physically frustrated and they want to date her.

Candace Owens responded to AOC’s comments while speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Owens said, “Listen, I saw this and couldn’t believe my eyes. I attempted to come up with a rational explanation for why she tweeted that, and by the way, it got worse.” She later tweeted, “There are physical frustrations that underlay Republicans’ criticisms of me, their fixation on me, so she’s building a physical narrative.”

It’s hilarious that AOC would tweet such a ridiculous suggestion. It’s been proven that Republicans have better intercourse than Democrats, and Owens is right. It gets worse.

Politicians like AOC generally don’t talk about their significant other, especially considering she’s just dating rather than being married, but AOC mentioned that Republicans are jealous of her boyfriend. AOC commented on Owens’ theory that AOC was very drunk when she decided to go on her Twitter rant.

Owens said that she believes AOC was “10 margaritas deep in Miami” when she hit Twitter while enjoying the freedom that Florida had to offer. Owens said that the tweets were “honestly just filth.”

Owens also mentioned that she’s not physically attracted to AOC in any way whatsoever and AOC’s comment about Republicans being physically frustrated and jealous of her boyfriend. Owens also said AOC’s remarks were “bratty” and “immature” given AOC’s words, context, and self-centered nature, making her a child. It isn’t a surprising conclusion to come to, but it’s one that everyone should be aware of.