‘Antifa, An Ax, And The FBI’: A Story Of Action And Possible Justice

Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her feelings hurt over an animation that a fellow Congress member shared? That Congress member isn’t on his committees anymore because of the stunt. Sure, it was immature and not a good move, but here’s a more interesting story that might get you thinking of cause and effect.

Thomas Alexander Starks, a far-left activist, an Antifa member, took an ax to Senator John Hoeven’s office in December of 2020, resulting in glass broken. An intercom being destroyed was politically motivated, and as you can see by the video Starks had no intention of breaking in, stealing anything, or hurting anyone. It appeared to be more of an intimidation tactic that a child would use.

Since then, Starks has pleaded guilty to destroying government property and was sentenced to probation and fined $2,784 in restitution. The video shows that the incident likely took place at 9:04 am, but police have said nobody was in the office at the time.

Starks was arrested and held in federal custody, but it’s unclear how long he was in federal control. Initially, Starks was arrested and given a $5,000 bond and released but later arrested on federal charges.

He pleaded guilty and said, “It wasn’t right. Violence has no place in politics.” Starks had no prior convictions when he was charged.

Starks posted on Facebook, saying:

Political affiliation is one thing, but the willingness to act on political motivation is another. Was the sentence fair? Maybe. In the standards of today’s society and without knowing the time Starks spent in jail, the probation is two years, and restitution is joint, but the time served could be fair or unfair. Without that information, it’s difficult to say.

He may be subject to home confinement for up to 5 months as well, depending on the suggestion of the federal probation officers.

Starks said that he was upset because of the Covid-19 stimulus package held up and his family needed money that the government wasn’t providing. The government shut down the economy. They needed to provide for the citizens if they wouldn’t let them work and make a living, so his outrage is justified. However, violent acts are not acceptable whatsoever, especially with a political motive.

Starks is still heavily involved in politics and posted on Facebook that the FBI gave him the ax back.