Anti-Israel Protesters Firebomb University Building

Anti-Israel protesters in California allegedly firebombed a college building this week, capping off a series of increasingly violent clashes from demonstrators. The event occurred after months of protests on college campuses and in a number of major cities.

The group Palestine Action in the United States shared a post from an anonymous user claiming responsibility for the firebombing of a University of California Berkeley (UCB) building earlier this week. The attack struck part of Koshland Hall, which houses labs from the college’s biology program.

According to the alleged perpetrator, the firebombing was retaliation for an alleged attack on students at the University of California Los Angeles.

The user called themself “student intifada,” referencing the violent movement against Israel in the Middle East.

“Not sure what building it even was,” wrote Palestine Action in the United States on social media. “Honestly don’t really care. Every single building on the UC Berkeley campus deserves to be incinerated following the UC system’s treatment of student protestors.”

“Last night they attacked a young woman student who was speaking her mind on a megaphone. So we unloaded a firebomb on the side of a campus building. The flame was big and spread across the trees and bushes on the side of a building,” the post added.

Earlier this month a mob of anti-Israel protesters surrounded part of the White House gate. Police had to place an additional fence up to prevent the demonstrators from making further entry.

The protesters shouted a number of anti-Israel slogans and appeared to hold a mask of President Joe Biden covered in red paint. At least one of the protesters at a recent event held a flag of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Biden has also faced several of the pro-Palestine protests over the last several months. Biden 2024 officials appear to be concerned about the declining support for the president among Muslim Americans and the possible effect on the November election, including in states such as Michigan.