Another House Republican Sees Likely Biden Impeachment Hearings

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said this week that there is a high likelihood that House Republicans will launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Mace said that the GOP would likely need to use impeachment as a “tool” to bypass what she described as “stonewalling” from federal agencies regarding the Biden family’s business dealings.

Mace told Breitbart News that agencies such as the Department of Justice (DOJ), IRS and FBI must be “held in contempt” through subpoenas. 

Furthermore, she said that impeachment proceedings would allow the House GOP to expand its investigation into the Biden family. 

Mace emphasized that House Republicans “have to be better than the political games that Pelosi and all her minions have played over the last five years.” 

She added that any evidence regarding impeachment must be “much tighter, much better, more overwhelming because the vast majority of Americans, they don’t trust the government.”

The South Carolina Republican cited efforts by the House Oversight Committee to investigate the Biden family’s financial situation, including a number of foreign transactions revolving around Hunter Biden. 

Mace said that the House GOP has evidence of “dozens and dozens of LLCs but there are foreign banks that we’ve got to hire firms to go out and get those records.” 

“We need a bank account with Joe Biden’s name on it,” she said. 

The House Oversight Committee has uncovered a number of foreign business transactions, including a number of payments to companies tied to Hunter Biden including from Ukraine, China and Romania. 

Mace said that the standard of evidence against Biden must be “undeniable.” She said that the House GOP is currently on that path and that “I believe we will do that.” 

She added that the effort must be done so that “no one could deny this is quite messed up, and this guy doesn’t need to be president again.”

Mace’s comments came after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he could support an impeachment inquiry in order to uncover more information about the Bidens’ transactions.