Another Dem ‘Bites The Dust’ As We Watch The Party Fall Apart

Democrats are losing it and not only mentally but politically. More Democrats are leaving or resigning from President Joe Biden’s administration. Chairman of the House Budget Committee John Yarmuth is resigning after eight terms, or 16 years in politics. He’s not going to stick around and get voted out and seems to know how Biden’s budget plans will be disastrous. That’s what generally happens when a politician disagrees with the goals of the presidency, they resign so that they don’t have to be part of the destructive nature of the decision. They don’t have to disagree publically.  

On Twitter, Yarmuth said that he’d have plenty more to say in the months ahead but didn’t say what that might be. 

It’s a fun game when a politician announces that they won’t run again. That means they don’t have to censor themselves as much as they might have before. Or, Yarmuth sees a future where Democrats don’t have power anymore. The poll numbers for Democrats aren’t looking too hot as Biden tears his way through the America that we once knew.  

Yarmuth said in a video that he wasn’t looking for a career in Congress. That may have been before he realized how profitable it was. According to Open Secrets, Yarmuth has made considerable profits. In 2018, Yarmuth had $15,032,000 invested in the food and beverage industry. I guess being a chairman of the House Budget Committee has its benefits.  

When he decided to run for Congress, Yarmuth also said that he wasn’t looking for a new career but wanted to flip the House to a Democrat majority during the George W. Bush Presidency. That may not have been a bad thing because political power should be distributed. Yarmuth also said something that not many politicians say. He said that while he’s in good health currently, he knows that the job demands will only become more challenging. Regardless of political opinion, that’s an ethical decision to make and a decision more politicians should make. While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is obviously in cognitive decline and more so Biden, the fact remains that younger politicians are needed for the future of this country.  

A politician should have the country’s best interest in mind while they’ll have to live through their decisions. Not to put it harshly, but a lot of the political power we have in the United States is elderly and may not live through the wrath of their political agendas, so the weight isn’t on them as it would be for a younger politician. It’s essential to keep all accountable when tough decisions are at hand.  

The fact is, many Democrats know that they aren’t as favorable as they were just ten months ago when former President Donald Trump was leaving office and citizens were voting for the Democrats simply because of Trump. They weren’t voting with their conscience or because of the candidates’ views, but only because they hated Trump.