Another Biden Nominee Has Been Caught in a Lie

When it comes to nominating people to serve in the US federal government, the president’s track record is, quite frankly, disturbing.

Months ago, Biden nominated Saule Omarova to lead the Comptroller of the Currency. Even when Omarova’s past statements about opposing private banking and longing for the destruction of the U.S. energy industry came out, Biden still backed her.

David Chipman, Biden’s chosen nominee for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), was also as radical as they came. Chipman openly opposed gun rights and would have used his power as ATF head to dismantle the Second Amendment in its entirety.

However, while neither Omarova nor Chipman ultimately made it to the positions which they were nominated for, America isn’t out of the woods yet.

Biden’s latest nominee to serve as a federal district judge in New York, Nusrat Choudhury, is also coming under fire for her own lies and extremism, per The Blaze.

Baseless Lies About Law Enforcement Officers

Days ago, Choudhury took part in the standard Senate confirmation hearings that follow for anyone nominated by the president. During this time, she was asked about her untrue claim that police officers murder unarmed black men on a daily basis.

When Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned Choudhury if she believed this, she responded by claiming it was a statement she made “as an advocate.”

Kennedy pushed back, pressing Choudhury on if she simply said this without truly meaning it.

The Biden nominee reacted to this by admitting she made this false accusation against law enforcement for the sake of “a rhetorical point.”

To this end, Kennedy asked Choudhury how she could explain lying and then dismiss it as advocacy work. She tried to dance around the senator’s point, but he again mentioned the untruthfulness of her statement, tying it in with the weight of her possibly serving as a federal judge.

Ultimately, Choudhury was not able to answer Kennedy’s questions about how she can spin lies like this and then be expected to work without prejudice as a judge.

The Bottom Line

If Nusrat Choudhury is willing to lie about law enforcement for the sake of advocacy or being rhetorical, there’s no telling what else she would say or do, especially as a federal district judge.

The truth of the matter is that police officers do not, in fact, murder unarmed black men on a daily basis. According to data from the Washington Post, only six unarmed black men were shot and killed by police in 2021.

Because of Choudhury’s lies, she shouldn’t be anywhere near federal power in the United States.