Anderson Cooper Thinks ‘Vaccine Status’ And ‘Federal Benefits’ Go Hand In Hand

Segregation is natural with the COVID-19 vaccine. The issue of COVID-19 vaccine passports should be immediately shut down because they segregate a portion of the population and provide little to no ability to have an exemption. It’s either get vaccinated or don’t participate in society. It will prove illegal and unconstitutional and is a new age “show me your papers” of Germany in the early 1900s.

Anyone who suggests that the unvaccinated should have fewer rights than the vaccinated should immediately be taken off the air and fired from their mainstream media position. We don’t do that as a country. Everyone is equal and should be given equal opportunity and equal treatment. That used to be what the left was about, but now that someone chooses not to go along with their ridiculous COVID-19 vaccine mandates, they want to throw them out of society, and this is somehow acceptable.

Anderson Cooper spoke with Bill Gates on CNN and said, “Obviously, corporations increasingly are saying you have to be vaccinated to work at our corporation. Is that something you support? And do you think the federal government, state governments, or at the very least the Federal government should mandate that you have to be vaccinated if you want to get on an airplane? If you want to get whatever benefits they give, you have to be vaccinated. Is that something that the U.S. can and should do?”

What makes Cooper think that Gates has the answer or should be taken seriously? Also, why should we take Cooper seriously? Neither are doctors, elected officials, and neither of their opinions matter. If Cooper or Gates wants to push people out of society, they should be pushed out themselves for their beliefs.

Then, there’s the argument of federal benefits. Remember years ago, the discussion of drug tests for welfare recipients came across the table, and the left lost their minds? They claimed it was against the law and unconstitutional, but welfare isn’t forced. The government provides it, and there should be a drug test associated with the benefits. Still, the drug is a choice, not an irreversible vaccine that’s dangerous to some people. Benefits based on vaccine compliance versus drug use can’t ever be considered. Even if someone uses drugs, there can be exceptions for treatment where gifts can still be given, but what’s the exception for the COVID-19 vaccine with federal benefits? There’s no one. It’s a “do this, and we’ll give you that” situation.

Some made arguments that the recipients have already paid for federal benefits such as Social Security, and they’re right. Even if you served in the military, benefits should never be taken away from you because of vaccine status. Retired military members have no obligation to comply with current standards of the military when it comes to taking the COVID-19 vaccine. If those measures are implemented, it’s a ridiculous argument that will be the last of a dying Democrat party.