Analyzing Rochelle Walensky’s View Of China’s Covid-19 Lockdown

President Joe Biden has given the Center for Disease Control much more power than they deserve or have the legal authority to act out. Biden was struck down by the Supreme Court when the CDC continued the eviction moratorium, and Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, hasn’t shut up since.

The CDC has a specific purpose in our society. They control diseases. That may be a simplistic definition, but that’s what they do. They aren’t elected, and they have no legal authority to do anything and shouldn’t even be given that authority.

Walensky was interviewed on her outlook on the world when it comes to Covid-19 lockdowns. Walensky said, “To give you a sense of what lockdowns were able to do in other countries, and I mean strict lockdowns, in China their death rate is 3 per million.”

When you look at China, it’s blatantly evident that the Chinese people don’t have the same rights as we do in the United States. Fortune reported, “China took testing to an unprecedented level during this go-round. Local authorities checked their populations repeatedly, a dozen times in one city alone, to ensure every last infection was caught. In all, more than 100 million tests were administered. In the city of Yangzhou, some people were infected while waiting in line to get swabbed.”

Nowhere in the U.S. can you force someone to get a Covid-19 test or a Covid-19 vaccine. And, if someone isn’t vaccinated or even infected with Covid-19, it’s nobody’s business. Period.

The uptick in testing would never affect Covid-19 numbers in the U.S. nor mandate the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s been proven that the Covid-19 vaccine wanes over time, and you can still get infected and pass Covid-19 to others even if you’re vaccinated. All of the Covid-19 vaccine talks are nonsense. It’s not a reality in a free country and shouldn’t even be on the table for discussion.

The National Institute for Health Directors Blog says, “One of the main studies providing the evidence of CDC’s recommendation was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It found that vaccine-induced immunity, while still quite protective against infection and severe illness from COVID-19, can wane after several months.”

By Walensky’s suggestion, North Korea could be a great example of keeping the Covid-19 pandemic at bay because they haven’t reported any cases or deaths. They might have it together, and we should act more as they do. Maybe Biden can make that happen.