Amy Coney Barret Responds Perfectly

The most abrasive and accomplished Supreme Court Justice just blasted a protester, or in this case a whining child, and it wasn’t Ketanji Brown Jackson. Justice Amy Coney Barret is quick-witted and didn’t hesitate when the opportunity arose to lash back in a comment after a heckler called out.

A protester yelled out, “Amy Coney Barret, you are an enslaver of women!”

Barret paused and looked to the side, likely where the protester was screaming from, and smirked. The video footage cut out for a brief moment and when it was back on Barret responded with a perfect comment.

“Fortunately, as a mother of seven, I am used to distractions, and sometimes even outbursts.”

The audience laughed and it turned out to be a good time for everyone.

Some replies on Twitter actually show who Barret is as an individual outside of her Supreme Court spot.

One user tweeted, “She’s from my hometown of Metairie, La. Great woman and very well respected around these parts of Louisiana.”

Others weren’t so great.

Another user tweeted, “And the outbursts Judge Jackson had to see from GOP senators. Now that’s keeping her composure.”

As if that’s out of the ordinary for political opposition to happen during confirmation hearings. Don’t forget that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct and grilled extensively by the left over an unsubstantiated incident that a female claimed happened around 20 years ago and Barret also endured plenty of backlash.

The reason that Jackson received such harsh treatment is because of her stance on pedophiles. No child should have to endure sexual trauma and have the offender get a light treatment yet Jackson was still confirmed thanks to a select few weak, spineless, Republicans along with the Democrats.

Then, there was a reasonable tweet, “Episodes like this serve as a helpful reminder that you can disagree with someone without being disagreeable. Telling a Supreme Court justice sitting for an interview that she is an ‘enslaver of women’ only reflects poorly on you.”

There’s always going to be opposition no matter what. Acting on that opposition in an untimely and irrational manner isn’t going to solve anything or accomplish any desired goal that was originally sought after.