Americans Should Expect More Executive Orders From Biden

Months ago, Joe Biden claimed that presidents who attempt to lead via executive order are “dictators.”

However, Biden continues to maintain a pattern of using executive orders when it suits him and his party’s agendas. At the very beginning of his term, the president signed an executive order that kneecapped the Keystone XL pipeline, took out thousands of jobs, and significantly weakened America’s energy independence.

Biden did this without congressional approval and in spite of bipartisan support for the pipeline.

Now, as the president lacks congressional support for policies involving climate change and the economy, he’s gearing up for more of those “dictatorial” executive orders.

Biden’s Promise to Americans
With inflation standing at 9.1%, Biden and his allies in Congress aimed for another spending bill that would amount to tax increases and climate change initiatives. Naturally, this would carry a hefty price tag.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), on the other hand, informed his colleagues and the president that he wouldn’t back a spending bill of this magnitude, due to inflation. Instead, Manchin said he’d vote for a bill mainly aimed at lowering prescription drug costs.

Biden, therefore, is promising to work around Manchin.

On Friday, the president committed to “strong executive action” on “clean energy” and climate change reforms. Biden also claimed these executive orders will increase jobs, improve the supply chain, and manage energy costs.

Democrats, of course, supported the president’s vow to use executive orders to pass left-wing agendas. Some lawmakers even argued that Biden has no choice other than executive action since Democrats lack the necessary votes in Congress.

More Executive Orders to Come?
“Clean energy” and climate change may not be the only policies in which Biden attempts to govern by executive order.

With Democrats failing to get their way, Biden’s facing growing numbers of calls to use executive action on issues like student loan debt and abortion.

Ultimately, most Democrats believe the president should use whatever means necessary to pass the reforms they believe are right for the country.

The president’s promises to implement aggressive executive orders also come as his party turns against him, largely owing to policy-related failures and his age.