“Americans Beware!” – Two Administrations And Many Issues In The White House Leadership Roles

There’s a competition in the White House for power and control of the United States. Two administrations of hard-headed individuals who can’t get along consist of President Joe Biden’s administration and Vice President Kamala Harris’ administration.  

There’s been plenty of proof that this is happening, especially when White House rumors are getting leaked from several sources saying that Jill Biden is trying to find a way to get Harris out of the White House.

It’s gotten to a low point when Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted:

Why would that need to be expressed if it was obvious? Harris is ineffective. Harris was put in charge of the southern border, and we can all see how that’s turning out.  

Even on CNN, they’re getting honest. Edward-Isaac Dovere and Jasmine Wright said, “nearly three dozen former and current Harris aides, administration officials, Democrat operatives, donors, and outside advisers” described a situation in the White House that spells disaster for the administration, and they’ve said that Harris and her staff are pitted against Biden and his staff. They must be good actors during the press conferences.  

There’s nothing else she can do. She’s failed at everything thus far. They also reported that Harris and her staff had left her exposed, and the public doesn’t trust them. Harris hasn’t precisely given the American people a reason to trust her, and her poll numbers show that. She’s less favorable than Biden. There’s no love for the first Black American Vice President.  

They reported, “even some who have been asked for advice lament Harris’ overly cautious tendencies and staff problems, which have been a feature of every office she’s held, from San Francisco district attorney to U.S. Senate.” 

That’s a symptom that we’ve seen in her vice presidency as she switched her advisors and added on Psaki’s brother-in-law. 

So, if Biden can’t do it and Harris can’t either, are we stuck with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to lead the country if they’re out of the way? Dear God, help us all.