American Woman Trapped In Afghanistan Begs Biden For Help

An American mother separated from her children and stranded behind Taliban lines inside Afghanistan has frantically reached out for help from U.S. officials to reach the Kabul airport, according to reporting on August 22 from Fox News.

The woman, whose identity is being shielded for her safety, said that she has given up hope of reaching the airport and that it’s impossible to make it through all those people. She stated that as many as 20 checkpoints controlled by the Taliban, she would have to pass to reach the airport.

During one attempt to pass a checkpoint, she said that Taliban troops whipped her. She also described seeing a nearby man being shot in the head during another attempt. She has since gone into hiding at all times.

The woman said she has grown hopeless and would instead commit suicide than be captured by Taliban fighters. She said that every time a car passes, she is afraid it will stop and be executed.

Even if the Taliban could be trusted, she said that she is mortally afraid that she could be showing her U.S. passport to terrorists from ISIS or al-Qaeda at any checkpoint.

In her message, she begged Joe Biden through tears, “Please, Mr. President, please evacuate us.”

The woman also said that the Taliban has been going house-to-house seeking Afghans and other people who have worked with U.S. or NATO forces.

She spoke in an audio recording sent to the office of Rep. Carol Miller (R-WV), which the lawmaker has posted on her Twitter account.

Her husband is safely in Virginia with their children. He told Fox News that the couple had been primarily communicating with Rep. Miller’s office, as the State Department has been of little assistance so far.

The woman’s brother is now in the United Kingdom. He was a military translator and contractor who told Fox News that at least two of his fellow American allies had been killed by the Taliban in the two days preceding his sister’s plea for help.

He also fears that the Taliban will soon blackout internet access, cutting off all communications between trapped Americans and the outside world. He said that at that point, the Taliban would massacre a lot of people.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on August 20 that the military was exploring options for helping Americans evacuate.