Amazon ‘Cowers’ To Xi Jinping And ‘Provides Censorship’ For Beijing, China

Amazon has been deeply involved with China in a business relationship. Modern Retail reported, “According to Marketplace Pulse, Chinese sellers now make up 38% of the top brands on Amazon, down from 40% at the state of the year (and from a peak of 42% in 2020).”

It’s not surprising that Amazon would use propaganda techniques to ensure that China and Xi Jinping would be viewed favorably. It’s been reported that Amazon censored reviews of Jinping’s book, and one person said, “I think the issue was anything under five stars.”

The Chinese government book has ratings and comments on the Amazon website, which is the Chinese version of Amazon. It’s true, and there are no reviews or comments.

If you think it’s a mistake or “missing context,” take a look at Skittles.

Skittles has 1,641 at the time of this writing. It seems wildly popular in China.

On the flip side, has two comments available for viewing.

Free Beacon reported, “That briefing document, as well as interviews with more than two dozen people involved in Amazon’s China operation, reveal how the company has survived and thrived in China by assisting in the advancement of the ruling Communist Party’s global economic and political agenda, while at times pushing back on some government demands.”

The China Books project, which it’s been known as, is an effort to expand Amazon’s Kindle services in China. After having trouble getting licensing, they’ve decided to take measures to censor and control the substance of the products Amazon offers.

Free Beacon also reported, “On the book extols like in Xinjiang, where UN experts say China incarcerated one million ethnic Uyghurs in a network of camps. ‘Incredible Xinjiang: Stories of Passion and Heritage’ highlights a regional online comedy program. According to the book, one actor who plays an Uyghur ‘country bumpkin’ says ethnicity is ‘not a concern.’ It is consistent with Beijing’s denial of mistreatment of minority communities.”

There are two ways that this could be handled, and both are at the detriment of the Chinese citizens, and only one will take away power from the Chinese government. One, stop all business with China. China wouldn’t be able to make it as world governed.

The other continues to do business, do nothing, and ignore that the Chinese Communist Party enslaves Uyghur Muslims.

Along with other countries, the United States had seen its fair share of privacy intrusions from Amazon when a privacy bill largely supported their data collection policies.

It’s a problem that has to be settled.