Alveda King “Throws” Biden, Harris, And Pelosi Under The Bus For Their “Racial Rhetoric”

Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., has gone after President Joe Biden because of how he’s framed voting rights. Biden doesn’t listen. It isn’t about a specific race. It’s about gaining control over elections at the federal level. If it were about race, the conversation wouldn’t even be happening.

After Biden groups everyone who opposes the Democrats voting rights bill as racists, it doesn’t sit well with many people. Biden’s comments have been demeaning of every Black American. That’s the true racist intent of the president, for Biden to assume that Black Americans can’t get identification or can’t figure out how to use the internet places Black Americans in a different class than the rest of society, a lower class. The comments could be placed among those who segregated Black Americans from the rest of society. It’s a move that Biden should have never made.

King said that President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are “rousing up emotions to get their way” with the voting rights bill. This tactic won’t work. Too many people see through the fake facade that they’re all putting on.

King also agreed that voter identification is required for a secure election since “if we tell someone they don’t need an ID, they don’t count. They might as well scribble an ‘X’ on a ballot. As a result, we require ID and sensible voting.”

Voting could be straightforward. A valid identification, secure voting place, valid and verified polling place workers, and a controlled environment. If you think that what was just described was a polling location, you’re wrong. That was the exact definition of a COVID-19 vaccination site.

The reality is that COVID-19 proved several things. Resources are available for nationwide sites to conduct elections where everyone comes in and shows identification. The COVID-19 vaccine tracking is also very valid and well respected. Why is it so easy to give vaccines in this manner but not conduct elections? It doesn’t make sense.

King’s comments on voting rights come from a place of sincerity and human dignity. King isn’t suggesting that any suppression measures should be put in place, she’s trying to show people what Democrats are doing when they use words and phrases like Biden, Harris, and Pelosi have used.

She said, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. before he became a civil rights leader, he was a prophet and a preacher. And you have to bring it all together to show human dignity from the cradle to the tomb.”

You can show both dignity and voter security at the same time. It’s not complicated. Also, take a look at state lottery vending machines. Identification is required, and the machine can verify the identification on the spot to give someone a lottery scratch-off ticket with no human interaction whatsoever.

The point is that the election system is so outdated, slow, and old that it’s behind the available technology to make it secure validly. It’s difficult to argue against it.