Aide to NYC Mayor Mugged On Official Business

When New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) was elected, this followed his campaign that consistently promised to lower crime rates.

Then-candidate Adams drew on his past career as a police officer, claiming this experience gave him the necessary tools and insight to reduce lawlessness.

Unfortunately, what the NYC mayor promised on the campaign trail is a far cry from what’s actually happening under his leadership in the community.

During Adams’ tenure, there’s been a major uptick in police officers leaving the force. When questioned about the New York Police Department’s dwindling numbers, the mayor said this wasn’t concerning to him.

Now, one of Adams’ aides has just been mugged in New York City.

A Terrible Ordeal
33-year-old Christopher Baugh was in Brooklyn on Tuesday while looking at a venue for an upcoming event involving Adams. This is when he was approached by robbers who demanded that he had over his possessions.

When Baugh resisted, one of the robbers brandished a firearm positioned into his waistband. Then, the Adams aide was eventually pushed down by assailants who took his wallet and phone before fleeing the scene.

The attack and brandishing of the firearm came in spite of New York City having extremely tight gun control laws on the books. It also can’t be missed that the attack against Baugh comes as his boss has made zero moves to expand the local police force.

Within hours of the incident happening, it went viral on social media.

Response From Mayor Adams
In the wake of this week’s attack against Baugh, the NYC mayor released a statement through his press secretary.

In this statement, the press secretary expresses that Adams’ aide deserves to be safe in the community while he’s doing his job. Later, the statement reiterates that the NYC mayor prioritizes crime reduction in the community.

Meanwhile, critics have accused the Democratic mayor of not doing nearly enough to cut back on crime and hold offenders accountable. This criticism truly grew after Adams let police officers lose their jobs months ago for not taking COVID-19 vaccines.

Since then, the mayor confirmed he’s got no plans of giving these officers back their jobs, despite where crime in the city stands today.