After Being Fired For Not Following Mandates, NY Healthcare Workers Set Fire To Hospital Scrubs

The Covid-19 vaccine mandates are ridiculous and probably illegal, and New York hospital workers who made the personal choice not to get the Covid-19 vaccine aren’t happy about it and shouldn’t be. Over 70,000 hospital workers in New York have been fired due to the mandate, but it’s okay. New York Governor Kathy Hochul is going to bring in the Army National Guard or foreign workers.  

If former Governor Andrew Cuomo were still in office, he wouldn’t only be firing the hospital workers. He would also be physically harassing them and continuing to put Covid-19 patients in nursing homes.  

It will inevitably lead to a lack of hospital support and force people to wait in the emergency rooms, which they shouldn’t have to. The priority of care will cause people to leave the state either permanently or for elective surgeries to fill the gap that the New York hospitals will not provide anymore.  

What Hochul needs to understand is that she can’t just hire 70,000 new employees. If so many people desired a job at hospitals in New York, there would have never been staff shortages, and hospitals wouldn’t have left their workers in 2020 in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in history. But that did happen. Hospitals were seeing a low number of patients and either laid-off employees or furloughed them. Now, the left talks about Covid-19 as if it were a death sentence, and recent polls show that Democrats essentially believe that Covid-19 results in a 50% hospitalization rate.  

Remember that while this is going on, welfare recipients and illegal immigrants crossing the southern border have no mandate to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Many of them aren’t tested for Covid-19 upon arrival unless they reveal symptoms in a screening.  

Hospital workers gathered outside of Staten Island University Hospital in protest of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates and yelled things like “We the people are pissed off” and “We will not comply.” It didn’t end there, and hospital workers set fire to scrubs that hospital staff frequently wear. 

One protester said her manager contacted her and asked if she would take the Covid-19 vaccine, and she replied no. When she answered no to having any plans of getting the Covid-19 vaccine, her manager stated that at that point, she was terminated.  

To remind you, the Covid-19 vaccine is still under Emergency Use Authorization, and the long-term side effects, if any, aren’t fully explored, and the Covid-19 vaccine is under one year old. The total death rate overall demographics is 1.6%. That means regardless of age and health, you’re 98.4% likely to survive the Covid-19 virus, and with asymptomatic individuals, it’s still not always clear if someone has contracted Covid-19.  

Natural immunity hasn’t been entirely accepted or studied in the United States and should be an extensive consideration for the Covid-19 vaccine. With recent whistleblowers inside big pharma companies that manufacture the Covid-19 vaccine released by Project Veritas stating that natural antibodies should be a consideration, it seems that insiders agree that natural antibodies should be considered when mandates are passed down if orders should be required at all.