Afghans Storm Airport, Jump From C-17, Biden Admin Laughingstock Of The World

President Joe Biden can blame all he wants. Still, the fact that the war in Afghanistan happened and the country’s collapse to the Taliban are very different circumstances. Biden had options that he didn’t take. The end may have been the same, but the execution is critical. Now, China’s government says it recognizes the Taliban as a governmental regime, and the Taliban has hundreds of thousands of weapons and military vehicles and Black Hawk helicopters.

Biden told the entire world that there would be no circumstance where Americans would be lifted from rooftops and evacuated, but as we saw, that’s what happened. Good thing Biden was on vacation because he wouldn’t have been able to survive that press briefing had he not. It shows you the type of leadership we have as a country. Biden needs mental help. His cognitive decline is affecting the entire world at this point because he can’t make decisions on his own, and when he does, they are catastrophes.

Not only is Biden weak, but the Afghanistan President fled the country as well. They were leaving all of its citizens to fend for themselves and little to no military support. Many who tried to escape on aircraft fell to their deaths as the city of Kabul was taken over by the Taliban.

A tweet from an Afghan Commando suggests there are still those who are fighting for the country. The tweet reads, “After detailed discussions with my teammates, all of us decided to join our former Vice PR & now President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan @AmrullahSaleh2 in Panjshir. We will do whatever he says. Joining the resistance.”

Obviously the fight isn’t over. Now, more than ever, we have to pay attention, and further intervention may be necessary. The Biden administration won’t help for a couple of reasons. Further intervention would make Biden admit that he was wrong and show even more weakness on the world stage. Biden isn’t the type to reveal his problems, as you may have noticed in his press briefing. He blamed everyone else but himself.

China will soon intervene in Afghanistan and will probably join forces. The Taliban has to find allies on the world stage as the United Nations closes in on them and attempts to hold them accountable for human rights violations. Women in Afghanistan are already preparing for the worst, and pictures of women have already been painted over in preparations for the Taliban takeover. Biden and his administration have no path forward. The contingencies that they planned for have all failed, questioning what contingencies were in place in the first place.

When you strategically leave a country that you were at war with, it’s not a good look when you have to go back and send more troops to allow that to happen. The Taliban invaded Kabul before the United States military left, and they’ve shown the United States and the world that they don’t care what anyone thinks and knows Biden won’t interfere.

In a press briefing today, Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Advisor, was asked about the severity of terroristic threats since the Afghanistan military left so many weapons and military vehicles and helicopters behind. Sullivan said that Americans have to deal with terrorists worldwide, and Afghanistan is no different. Sullivan made sure to add that the Afghanistan military were the ones who abandoned the military equipment, not the United States.

He’s correct. It’s still frustrating for Americans to see the collapse and be suitable for Biden moving forward. Impeachment maybe soon for Biden.