Adam Kinzinger’s Political Career Seems To Be Over As Tucker Carlson ‘Destroys Him’

Adam Kinzinger’s (R-IL) time has been coming for a long time. There’s something in politics called elections. They’re held periodically, and voters have the choice to vote for a candidate or another candidate. Voters have to pay attention when making their choice, and it seems like they are paying attention more now than ever, maybe in the country’s history.

Kinzinger started pretty harmlessly, at least to his constituents. When he was campaigning, he took money from anyone and everyone who would give it to him with the promise and expectation that he would go to Washington, D.C., to get things done for the Tea Party. Did it happen? No. Like Megan Fox, not that one, with PJ Media says, “because of the support of the Tea Party, and promptly never returned their phone calls.”

Tucker Carlson lit Kinzinger up, and it’s about time someone did.

Carlson said Kinzinger loves Ray Epps, which is weird but verified by Kinzinger’s actions and words. Not only did Kinzinger cry during the first Capitol Riot hearing, but it also seems that Kinzinger is lying to the American people, and Kinzinger can show you how on his Twitter post. Carlson then urges Kinzinger to come on his show and speak about politicians’ issues.

Carlson said, “At some point last year, Kinzinger had a profound personal crisis and went completely off the deep end. He started crying uncontrollably in public. He joined Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee.”

Epps was the man who urged people to enter the Capitol building during and before the Capitol Riot. By no stretch of the imagination, Epps is innocent of crimes on January 6. Epps incited the riot by encouraging others to act by federal and state standards. But, Kinzinger doesn’t think that Epps is innocent at all.

Kinzinger tweeted about Epps:

By Kinzinger’s admission, he’s going against the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s findings of a pre-planned insurrection. It seems like the only person who was trying to plan something ahead of time was Epps, yet he hasn’t been charged with a crime. For the Department of Justice to ignore Epps and go after every other person involved is startling and should throw up major red flags for anyone paying attention to it.