Adam Kinzinger Gets Ripped Over Trump Comment On Twitter

Twitter users piled on Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) after he responded to Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) tweet mocking the January 6 Committee for withdrawing their subpoena for former President Donald Trump.

Boebert sent a sarcastic tweet, joking about the failed J6 committee purporting that the former president’s downfall would be “imminent” and “inevitable.”

Kinzinger retweeted Boebert’s message saying, “Nah don’t worry. His time will come… ain’t over.”

Kinzinger’s comment did not go down well with Twitter users, with a user accusing the congressman of being a communist.

“Threatening political adversaries like a true communist. Well done, Adam,” the user wrote.

One Twitter user said he would get a judge to give Kinzinger and the January 6 Committee a timeline to indict Trump or allow Trump to sue every committee member if they can’t get an indictment at the end of the timeline.

Boebert had the last say in the war of words as she encouraged Kinzinger to “never give up the dream.” Boebert referenced Kinzinger’s pending tenure-end as she told him that if there were a next time for catching Trump, the outgoing congressman would be watching it on his TV.

Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) are the only two republicans sitting on the January 6 Committee. Kinzinger and Cheney are also part of the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump after claims that he incited the January 6 protests.

Following their impeachment votes, Trump called on voters to kick the 10 Republicans out of office. Trump called the 10 Republicans grandstanders and RINOs, an acronym for Republican in “Name Only.”

While Kinzinger opted against a reelection bid, Cheney was whitewashed as she tried to run for office again. Cheney and Kinzinger joined eight others who field to make it past the primary stage or chose not to run after voting to impeach.