Acosta Seems To Think Republicans Are To Blame For Pushback Against Socialist Policies

They can detect when someone isn’t being honest. Former President Donald Trump is well-liked because of his views and extraordinary ability to motivate and push people to take up for themselves.

Trump went against the media, specifically CNN, when he called CNN “fake news.”

Jim Acosta was one of the CNN journalists that went head-to-head with Trump on several occasions. Acosta kept going on about the January 6, 2020 riot and said that he’s talked to several sources on the January 6th committee urging Merrick Garland to push subpoenas to testify. Otherwise, it will undercut the Committee. That’s a good thing. The only thing the January 6th Committee will accomplish is to blame Trump and Republicans at large. That’s the goal and the focus, and it should be noted that they want Republicans to fall.

Acosta said, “What we’re dealing with right now, I think, is, um, a cowardice pandemic. We have a pandemic of cowardice. We have Republicans who are unwilling to police their ranks, and until we have that day come, uh, we’re going to be caught in the grips of the MAGA come back, and they’re coming back, uh, and mainly because we’re letting them come back.”

If there’s no crime and no coup, then there isn’t a reason to investigate. Thousands of hours of video footage from January 6, 2020, which many people viewed live, are available. At no point did Trump try to get anyone to storm the Capitol or harm anyone or anything. Trump never expressed that in his speech or his tone or body language.

Acosta also said, “Not that there’s anything wrong with a political movement rising in this country.”

That’s not at all what he means.

In 2018, Acosta talked about a “Trump supporter” who made a throat-slit motion toward Acosta.

Acosta seems like he doesn’t want a political movement to rise in the United States. His idea that the man represents millions of people in the “MAGA movement” is ridiculous and not representative of the entire Republican party or MAGA.