Abrams Campaign Rocked By New Explosive Claim

As the days wind down towards a second possible defeat for her ambitions to be the governor of Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams finds her campaign embroiled in yet another financial controversy.

A Monday report by Politico exposed that the law firm owned by Abrams’ campaign chairman received nearly $10 million in legal fees from her nonprofit group.

And that’s just what can be confirmed through available tax records.

That group, Fair Fight Action, was founded to support her unfounded claims of voter suppression in the Peach State. The almost $10 million was spent on an unsuccessful federal lawsuit.

Abrams’ campaign chairman and close friend Allegra Lawrence-Hardy is also one of two named partners in the firm Lawrence and Bundy. Politico reported the firm received $9.4 million from Fair Fight Action in 2019 and 2020.

The legal group declined to reveal how much it received from Abrams’ Fair Fight Action in the last two years. Most of the courtroom activity in the federal lawsuit reportedly occurred since 2020.

Lawrence and Bundy described itself as a “boutique” firm with less than two dozen attorneys.

Abrams’ fight against so-called voter suppression drew national attention and millions from well-heeled donors. However, many outside the effort wondered aloud at the level of expenses and utilization of a small firm run by her longtime friend and campaign chairman.

That legal effort came to an abrupt halt last month when a federal judge ruled against Fair Fight Action on all three remaining claims. Federal District Judge Steve C. Jones wrote that “the challenged practices violate neither the Constitution nor the (Voting Rights Act).”

Immediately after her loss to Republican Brian Kemp in 2018 — a race she still has never conceded — Abrams became a leftist icon by claiming that Georgia voters were denied access to the polls.

Millions poured into her coffers as she built her next campaign on the court battle to end Georgia’s injustices. What was unknown until very recently is just how much of those millions went to the firm of her close friend and campaign chairman.