Abbott Continues Teaching A Lesson To Sactuary Cities

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has sent the 300th busload of migrants out of the state since the spring of this year.

Abbott and the state of Texas have experienced a record number of migrants coming across the border since the Biden administration took office in 2020. To help mitigate the strain of the increased number of migrants, Abbott has been sending buses full of immigrants to Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York City since April 2022.

Abbott contends that the surge in immigration has brought an increase in crime, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

The program, which is funded by both state taxes and private donations, has received heavy criticism from many in the Democratic Party. Despite the backlash Abbott has received over the controversial bussing program, he continues to maintain his stance that Texas border towns can’t handle the influx in the population or the increased crime that has come with the influx.

Some who oppose the program argue that it is unconstitutional, inhumane, and is an unnecessary use of taxpayer money. Proponents contend that the cost of keeping the migrants in Texas far outweighs the cost to relocate them.

While Abbott officially defeated his opponent Beto O’Rourke, the future of the House and Senate is yet to be determined. But Abbott isn’t wasting any time awaiting election results to send the migrants up to the sanctuary cities.

Thursday’s busload brought the total number of migrants relocated in Abbott’s program to over thirteen thousand.