A Single Photo Perfectly Sums Up Crime-Infested California

When a violent crime is ordinary, morality becomes optional. Crime has surged across the country, sparking new outrage by citizens and more gun ownership. American citizens can only take the law into their own hands if the government takes steps to prevent law enforcement from dealing with illegal conduct.

A picture circulating social media shows a person hanging out of a Cadillac window holding an AK-47 style rifle. Guess where the photo was taken? You guessed it, California.

Crime has risen dramatically everywhere, but California has seen a rise greater than anywhere in the United States, not only in gun crime but all crime.

When citizens and business owners are pushed so far, they have no other choice but to take action on the street, and the government will blame their “right-wing patriotic views” for the uptick in vigilantism. Still, the government isn’t providing an atmosphere that would prevent that necessity from playing out. Regular citizens are usually punished more harshly than repeat offenders because, you know, equity.

Covid-19 has shut down the country, and now people can get unemployment payments and not have to work, pay rent, or do anything. So, what have criminals done? They’ve begun holding rifles out of their vehicles and pointing them at people, and California isn’t the only place it’s happening. The police don’t want to be charged with a crime for doing their jobs, so they haven’t been proactive lately in their community policing, and who can blame them? It has bred violence that has largely gone unchecked which has put you and your family in danger. Police officers have left the profession altogether after their departments, and the community has blamed them for “being the bad guy,” and this is what they’ve gone through with no regard for public safety, no respect for the law, and no regard for second amendment responsibility. These are the examples politicians use to try and take our guns away and, at times, are successful, but this doesn’t represent the ordinary law-abiding citizen who owns a pistol. It means anarchy in the streets. Law-abiding gun owners hate these types of events.

It’s estimated that the federal and state government will probably use this picture to explain why more gun control is necessary. It’s important to realize that no gun law would stop this incident from happening. Even if the gun was obtained legally, the gun owner chose the actions, not the weapon. Punish the person, not the object.