A Registered Nurse Speaks Truth About the Left’s Mask Cult

Pro-maskers are now afraid of those around them on airplanes because of the federal mask guidance that was recently dropped and the backlash they’re getting is amazing.

Amy Curtis, a Registered Nurse, tweeted, “You don’t have to believe in masks to show that you believe in the propaganda and too many people jumped on the virtue signaling bandwagon unnecessarily.

Curtis continued, “And after two-plus years of being called ‘selfish’ and ‘grandma killer’ and ‘anti-science’ and having special needs kids denied basic educational services, masks tied to their faces, being barred from public life…I’m over it. And I don’t feel like playing nice.”

Nice is far gone. The left, and some on the right, have gone way too far pushing masks for absolutely no reason, especially on airplanes and in most public places.

Then, the truth REALLY came out. “Now that the tables have turned, the people who had no problem excluding you, harassing you, and making your life a living hell are demanding the civility they denied you. For over two years.”

The left acts like a bad marriage; everyone can be happy, but I have to be happy first. Nothing about it is reasonable and it constantly discriminates against one or more sections of people and denies freedoms or reasonable discretions. Then they turn around and expect exceptions for every part of their life and if they don’t get it, they call you racist.

The truth is that they can’t blame the unvaccinated, the “science deniers,” or the reasonable people who just want to live their lives in peace because they’ve dug their heels too far to return to anything that resembles normalcy. They’ve created a bubble of self-righteous inclusivity, similar to their own club, and they’ve excluded anyone who doesn’t strictly agree with them and they have to lie there alone. No form of factual conversation or reasonable influence will change their mind or cause them to change course. The ship has sailed and there is no reverse.

All disease could be completely eradicated from the planet tomorrow and some people on the left would still wear a mask “just in case.” It’s a cult that they refuse to leave even though the door is wide open and there’s no exit fee or nondisclosure agreements. Then again, we’re not talking about mentally healthy individuals.