A ‘Play By Play’ Of How Biden Is An ‘Absolute Idiot’

It is all a show. It’s a theatrical gathering of politicians and the elite to showcase what they think the public should be doing, but it isn’t working.

President Joe Biden was alongside Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and handed him a mask back. Biden did this at the end of his speech while standing next to Breyer. Breyer placed it in his pocket.

It shows everyone that Biden didn’t have a mask to begin with. He borrowed one from Breyer or someone with Breyer and was returning it.

Biden said, “Here, I’ll give you this back,” while handing Breyer the mask and walked away without a mask on at all.

Did Biden think that germs on the mask wouldn’t be transferred to Breyer’s hands if he had worn the mask, or did he not care?

Ultimately it comes down to a lack of optics. Biden doesn’t seem interested in playing the part of COVID-19 hysteria anymore but still wants the public to stay fearful of anyone who isn’t wearing a mask. It’s obvious when Jill Biden is constantly around masked people without one on, and they both don’t wear masks when required. They don’t care about you, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Biden said it would be inappropriate to answer questions during the press conference while Breyer was present. Why? Because he can’t do it without embarrassing himself.

Biden wasn’t saying it was inappropriate for anyone but himself. He has to know that he’s terrible with questions and often stumbles over answers and gives inaccurate information. That would be an embarrassment in front of a Supreme Court Justice and show that he’s incapable if that wasn’t already clear.

Dave Rubin tweeted, “Joe Biden just handed his used mask to Justice Breyer, who then put it in his pocket. Impeach or Nah?”

Biden didn’t walk in with the mask that he handed to Breyer. The mask was white, and Biden walked in with a black mask. That means that Biden may not have even known that Breyer was wearing a mask at all. Why would Biden touch it if it was someone else’s mask? It just plays into further incompetence of Biden. Handing a mask to someone after using it is wrong, but picking up someone else’s and handing it to them is also wrong.

Viewing the full video, it becomes clearer what happened.

Biden walked in with a black mask and Breyer with a white mask (20:35). Breyer set his mask down when he took the podium (28:32) and then left it when he walked away (32:54).

Still, it’s an odd event that raises even more questions about Biden’s cognitive ability to make sound decisions on a day-to-day basis. Just leave the mask on the podium, and your servants will clean it up. No big deal. Go about your day. But Biden should have put a mask back on when leaving the podium if he wants the American people to wear one so badly. For that, Biden is an authoritarian hack.