A New Approach to Pandemic Research is Being Proposed

COVID-19 and the way it was ultimately approached by leaders had historic and astounding impacts on the lives of Americans.

People lost their jobs, missed seeing their loved ones in hospitals, and even fell into addiction and other dark places due to restrictions.

Upon further review into COVID-19, there’s been a lot of ambiguity in gain-of-function research. Originally, White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci said this research wasn’t funded via the National Institutes of Health.

However, this institution’s former director claimed otherwise.

Amid a recent congressional hearing concerning gain-of-function research, scientists called for a new approach pertaining to the implementation of pandemic research in general.

A New Approach to Pandemic Research
In a nutshell, gain-of-function research leads to virus pathogens being more dangerous and more contagious. Because of this, scientists at the latest gain-of-function hearing stated that any reviews into pandemics need to occur without causing future pandemics in the process.

With gain-of-function research itself, the risks greatly overpower any possible benefits. Pathogens that are tampered with and then distributed amongst the general public, intentionally or otherwise, can do serious harm.

Once gain-of-function research becomes readily available, it doesn’t take much effort for this to be replicated or expanded upon with various viruses. Needless to say, scientists at the recent Senate hearing warned of the public health risks these actions would pose.

Fauci has consistently downplayed gain-of-function research and its role in COVID-19. However, congressional testimony makes it clear that much more work is necessary to prevent future virus outbreaks.

A Possible Solution
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), one of the lawmakers overseeing this recent hearing, warns that Fauci’s claims about COVID-19 and other related topics have not been accurate.

In addition to calling for deeper investigations into Fauci, Paul also believes the scientists warning about ensuring research into pandemics doesn’t create future pandemics should play a vital role in upcoming legislation.

Specifically, this legislation would center around the management of pandemic research going forward. This way, Paul says, the necessary work can be done without endangering people in the future.

Finally, the Kentucky lawmaker stressed that this legislation should receive bipartisan support in Congress.