A Mother Brings ‘Proof Of Hypocrisy’ To A School Board Meeting

Taking away educational authority from parents is a massive problem in the United States. It used to go without saying that parents were in charge of student’s education, but since the LGBTQ+ movement, Critical Race Theory, and now the COVID-19 mandates have put teachers and school board members in a situation where they feel that it’s not only their responsibility but their constitutional duty to teach children and make sure they force them to do whatever they say.

Some of these teachers and school board members have children, but plenty doesn’t. What they call education mandates obedience. Standardized tests and no child left behind have led to one path to graduation with little to no efforts to serve the children who don’t learn from reading a textbook. Some children learn by doing rather than hearing, which needs to be addressed.

A Virginia mother destroys, and that word shouldn’t be taken lightly in this circumstance, a school board with proof that they’re all hypocrites. Yes, that’s been said a lot, and it’s true, but she not only proved that they were hypocritical in their effort to follow the governor’s orders but also hypocritical in their actions.

The mother said, “School-board members said we must follow Gov. Northam’s executive order, so we had to. This year, a new Governor comes into the office, and they suddenly don’t want to follow the executive orders.”

The mother referred to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s mask mandate taken away from the state.

After showing pictures of Chairwoman Susan Kass without a mask around a large group of people, Kass said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Vaught, but you’re finished. If you’re going to sit there and trash a member of our school board, you’re welcome to do so.”

Interesting that free speech exists even at school board meetings. Who would have thought?

Another school board member spoke up for the parents.

“She should be permitted to say her final goodbyes. I’ve had to put up with people criticizing me.”

If you want to hold a public office, you have to be willing to take criticism from the public. Otherwise, find a new job and resign from your current position.

Kass then left the meeting like a child that didn’t get her way. We’re in a pandemic of the offended.

Kass was upset because the pictures shown were of her family. That’s still highly humorous because they were posted on a public social media website, and if Kass doesn’t want them to be out in the world, she shouldn’t have posted them in the first place.