‘A Longtime FBI Informant’: A Piece Has People Questioning If Jan 6 Was Part Of FBI’s ‘Operation Cold Snap’

The questionable conduct of the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the January 6th Capitol Riots has a lot of people wondering if they caused more of the chaos than initially anticipated. The job of the federal law enforcement agency isn’t to lead criminal activity but to act as an informant and relay information to their supervisors so that illegal activity can be stopped.  

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can’t be having fun anymore with her January 6th Commission, and it’s unraveling quickly. She may have jumped the gun on the probe, or she may have believed that she could blame the event on former President Donald Trump more rapidly and efficiently than it has turned out.

Having an FBI sign-in sheet when attending militia group meetings may be preferable to make it easier for the federal government to follow, but this would not be as covert as the FBI handles their business. Is that correct?

According to BuzzFeed, Stephen Robeson, an FBI informant, held a large gathering of militia groups and pushed people as hard as he could to attend. Robeson was one of the informants who went with militia members to surveil Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s vacation home and was charged later for possessing a .50 caliber sniper rifle because Robeson is a felon.  

So what did the FBI do in the Jan 6 Capitol Riots? It’s not 100% known the involvement, but what is known is the FBI’s ability to crank up criminal activity to fit their need.  

Jan 6 wasn’t an “insurrection.” It was less violent and less deadly than the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots during 2020. No known FBI informants were involved in either of those groups, but militias are the problem. Wrong. Constitutionally, a militia is permitted. Though mainstream media and some of them demonize them as being pretty useless due to their lack of abilities, the fact remains that an armed, trained, and ready civilian presence isn’t a bad thing in the United States. There are occasions when awful things happen, and with police departments firing unvaccinated officers and officers retiring or quitting, citizens may have to carry more weight in the coming years.

Police response times are increasing, yet criminal activity isn’t going away. The southern border has let in hundreds of thousands of unknown people, and we don’t know their intentions. A properly trained, armed citizen is the backbone of security inside the borders of this country. You don’t hear much about the good guy stopping the bad guy with a gun, but it happened more times than the media will report on. 

The FBI may have their hands tied on the January 6th Capitol Riots, but the fact remains, what is their future in investigative powers, and how will they use it? There are many other forces out there that need attention rather than militia groups. If the FBI doesn’t step in when necessary, it will have to be up to local law enforcement, and if that isn’t enough, then militias are the next best option.