A Dictatorship: Surgeon General Says Biden Admin Will ‘Monitor’ Vax Exemptions

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said the Biden administration would “monitor” exemptions to the unprecedented vaccine mandate targeting as many as 100 million Americans. Speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union,” Murthy said the administration would grant exemptions usually only on a medical and religious basis.

The surgeon general also tipped the administration’s hand, how stingy Biden’s White House is apt to be with exemptions when he cautioned that people “will abuse” exemptions filings “to avoid getting the vaccine.”

It shouldn’t take an expert to stop and think if an invasive, elective medical procedure is so unpopular that he’s undoubtedly a significant concern worth airing is people will lie to the government that they’re Mormon so they can skip getting a vaccine they find questionable, maybe it shouldn’t be forced on people.

But see, because he’s the expert. He’s been appointed by the Biden administration and has some neat ribbons with stars on them to wear on his shoulders. Murthy thinks he can’t fail, that his people can’t make mistakes, misjudge, miscalculate, overreact, underreact, miss things, or suffer any of these typical human pitfalls.

Maybe the United States needs gregarious, energetic, high-impact generals in its foreign wars because the country is never prepared for any specific war and goes into it ad hoc, usually suffering some early losses that must be overcome with relentless activity.

But here on the home front, surgeon general’s need to be chill and not think they can get away with being dictators in the United States and telling people they have to get any medical product or not be allowed to work. That’s just unacceptable.

The American people are not the enemy. People who choose their body not to get this or that or any vaccine are not enemies. But this administration and its friendly corporate press’ war on germs is turning Americans into subjects of a medical dictatorship akin to a military junta in the third world.

The vaccine mandate is entirely contrary to U.S. jurisprudence at a core level. It’s abhorrent to the American conception of civil society and violates federal statutes and court rulings all over the place to achieve its dictatorial overreach.

The surgeon general announcing that the administration will get to “grant” exemptions at its discretion drives the point home that the Biden White House is setting up a dictatorship. These are just unaccountable czars with the final say so, no due process, no court system (in the fairy tale world of the Biden administration that is about to pop in the courts), for whether you can be “granted” the right not to actively take part in getting a medical procedure that you don’t want. Americans won’t put up with it anymore.

Not only is the mandate facing challenges in court, but governors, attorney generals, business leaders, and Republican Party and Liberty Party leaders have spoken out in unequivocal defiance of vaccine mandates.