A ‘Confused’ Joe Biden Gives ‘Bizarre’ Answer When Asked If He Has Plans To Meet Afghan Refugees

If you’re asking yourself if President Joe Biden will meet the Afghan refugees, you can rest assured that he won’t. Regardless of what he says to the media or in press conferences, he’s not going to. You already know how it will go. Look at the testimony of the gold star families he met with, and you’ll know that Biden’s handlers wouldn’t let that happen.

Biden’s disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan gives you the idea that he doesn’t care. Now, with reports that the “ISIS-K member” that was the United States military decided to drone strike was a U.S. ally, it’s becoming clear that Biden wants to stay away from the Afghanistan debacle and hope that everyone forgets.

When asked if Biden would meet the Afghan refugees, he said they were all over the country, and he said he’s sure he’ll meet them. Whatever capacity he thinks he’ll meet them, he’s sure to forget. Biden can’t even remember where Nevada is, much less what he just said to reporters. As Biden walked away, he seemed a bit uneasy on his feet like he usually does. But if you go back to Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s comment about Biden’s physical ability, she can barely keep up. If Biden is cognitively and physically declining, I would hate to know what’s wrong with Psaki.

When former President Donald Trump answered a question or made a comment, it was made with confidence. You could tell that Trump was sincere and not just answering everyone wanted to hear. You can tell because of how many people he frequently pissed off.

Biden wants to be liked. He knows his popularity is under 40% and isn’t growing anytime soon. Biden would tell you anything to turn that around. Still, then again, he keeps pushing the Covid-19 vaccine and is now forcing employers with 100 employees or more to have all their employees vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.

The problem is, you can’t mandate something that people don’t want. Not in America, at least. People will resist it, and when the virus has a 99.8% survival rate, you’re only going to make people angry, and Biden’s only nine months into his presidency, not going well.