Trump Vows ‘Revenge’ After Verdict

Former President Donald Trump said that he would seek “revenge” following a criminal conviction by a New York jury last week. The comment came just days after he held a press event decrying the decision.

“My revenge will be success,” he said.

“These are bad people. These people are sick, and they do things that are so destructive… if it weren’t me, they’d be going after somebody else, and I know a lot of the competition. They wouldn’t do so well,” said the former president.

The former president said that he would reveal a number of files if he was elected to another term. The former president said that he would declassify information related to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy and those around Jeffrey Epstein.

He further called the criminal case against him a “scam.” The trial centered around the aftermath of an alleged brief relationship with former adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Trump denies any wrongdoing in the case.

Trump made the comments during a Fox News interview this weekend.

During the Friday press event, the former president told supporters and the media that the trial against him was unfair and that his legal team would appeal the case. Furthermore, Trump said that the case should have never been brought against him.

The former president also criticized the judge and prosecution in the case. He said that New York Judge Juan Merchan was “conflicted” and argued that the gag order placed on him was unfair. Trump mentioned being fined “thousands” of dollars in the case and said that the gag order was unconstitutional.

The former president also argued that the prosecution is being directed by the Biden White House and that the charges were entirely political.

Trump also spoke about other subjects during the press event. He cited a poll taken after the verdict was announced that had him ahead of President Joe Biden. The former president argued that the United States was in “serious, serious decline.”